About Us


It all started in the year 1961. Would you believe it we started out selling from a small storeroom?. We made it bigger and donned our crew. We started sculpting one of the most innovative forms of idols or rather hard-to-find antiques. As traditional antique stores had been dissolving sooner than expected over the few years, Kalakrithi was founded. Kalakrithi is one of a kind online store that has the largest diversification of hand-crafted antiques. Every piece is a composition of raw materials, accomplishment of our artists and untiring sculptors who always strive to exceed your expectations in terms of spiritual and decorative purposes.

We truly believe in the transformative power of these spiritual idols and their design and ability to simplify life and inspire people everywhere. We wanted to bring the best and the most valuable artifacts where customers gained much more than just buying an idol.


We believed that contemporary designs along with conventional beliefs can make our complicated ideas more understandable and make time-honored products. Our mission is to bring an awe-inspiring life to everyone


Shivarapatna, a small town in the Kolar district of Karnataka, India was blessed on April the 15th in 1960 with the birth of the chief of Kalakrithi sculptors. The patter of tiny feet of Mr. Veerabhadra Chari. R had been all over the place.

Kolar the Golden city of India is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the headquarters of Kolar District and is known for the production of Milk, which recently surpassed Denmark and gold mining. Kolar is popularly known as the land of silk, milk, Mango, (National fruit of India) gold and carving/sculptures. The city is famous for the Someshwara temple and the Kolar amma temple. Kolar amma is considered as the goddess of the city of Kolar.

Mr.Veerabhadra is the chief of art, designs, and antiques. He is internationally recognized for his expertise and unparalleled knowledge in his chosen field.

He has been endowed with a number of notable awards like

1) Rajyotsava Award in 2001.

2) Shilpakala Academy Award in 2003.

3) Karnataka State Award in 2004.

4) National Merit Certificate Award in 2012.

5) Jakanachari Award in 2015.

With these being only a few of them. He is known for his carvings at the Kaliyamman temple of the main goddess at Halasur, Bangalore, India.

He is well known for his carving at Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple, Audugodi, Bangalore, India.


Where does the name Kalakrithi come from?

From the very beginning we felt passionate about pieces of artwork and intended to reflect the same in our company’s name-Thus Kalakrithi was born. We run an unambiguous website and encourage communication between us. We are always here if you need us.