From how many years does Kalakrithi exists?

KalaKrithi as a website exists from year 2012. But we KalaKrithi team are experienced in this field from past 4 decades. We are origins from the south India’s historic place for sculpting called Shivarapatna. This place is known for its excellent stone and metallic sculpting. For more information about Shivarapatna, please click on the below link.



We were supplying brass and bronze articles for Government organizations like Cauvery Emporium in MG Road and others.

Does your products are made up of pure brass or bronze?

  1. Brass related products are all sculpted using export quality brass. This brass can hold its color and shine for a long term and also strong enough to avoid cracks and breakages if falls down accidentally.
  2. Sculptures made from Bronze also hold its excellent quality. Cold cast Bronze is used to get a perfect art, out of the Handicrafts. Our products made from bronze are more artistic than brass as brass are molded whereas bronze products are handmade.

Why bronze articles in your website are expensive when compared with brass articles?

Yes, bronze articles are costlier than brass articles. This is because bronze is an alloy of different materials like copper, tin, aluminium, manganese and zinc. This raw metal is costlier in market when compared with brass. Also more artistic carving can be done on bronze items. That’s why they are expensive.

Why are bronze articles more artistic than brass? Can’t you make brass articles as artistic as bronze?

Metal bronze helps artisans to craft as they wanted it to be. In other words, bronze supports craftsmen to crave as he/she wants it to be. Whereas, brass doesn’t support much crafting. Brass items can only be molded and very limited craft can be embedded into it. Brass articles are made artistic to its core as displayed on the website.

Does your products good for worship?

Yes, products are made especially for worship. They can be placed in your worship area. Preferably, bronze articles are considered more auspicious that brass. But both can be used for worship.

What are cleaning instructions? I mean how to maintain the idol to hold its shine?

It can be cleaned using a soft cotton or silk cloth to remove dust and stain. Or use a painting brush for cleaning and removing dust. Cleaning the articles in water is not advised as it may start losing its shine faster. Shine can be retained as it is for 12 to 24 months with completely no care. Once you feel that the article has lost its shine or starts fading it can be given back to us for acid wash and polishing.

There are many polish available in the market for brass and bronze articles, which can be used but occasionally. Using it more often may rest in losing its shine faster. Overall, it is advised to use only soft clothes and brush at home.

What are the uniqueness in your handicrafts when compared with other such websites?

All the handicrafts available in market and in other websites will have its own art and sculpting in it. It cannot be compared just like that. Many characters of the handicrafts defers like, material, art in it, style, structure and clarity in face. Kalakrithi holds only those handicrafts which are perfect in all the points mentioned above. Mainly Kalakrithi handicrafts have best craft in it which may NOT be found in others. It is made to have a best facial expression on the handicraft. It is believed that having a good facial expression on the article is good for worship. Also Kalakrithi always keeps in mind that the handicrafts displayed signifies Indian Art, Culture and Tradition and the whole world is watching these, hence the products are best in its nature with completely zero defect.

Which are the logistics services that are tied up with Kalakrithi?

The main logistics and courier services we are tied up are:

  1. Blue Dart.
  2. Ecom Express.
  3. Indian Post (For remote areas only).

How much time does it takes for the shipment to reach me?

It usually depends on the place where it has to be shipped.

  1. If the package has to be delivered within Bengaluru, it may take 6 to 7 working days.
  2. If it’s within other metro cities in India, it may take 10 to 12 working days.
  3. If it’s some other cities or some remote areas where courier service is not so good, it may take 15 to 20 working days.
  4. For foreign countries, the shipment is always sent through air and may take 15 to 20 working days. 

Will we be intimated during every stage of shipment?

Yes, the customer will be intimated through emails and SMS at every stages of shipment.

Are your products fragile?

Only Marble and Stone products are fragile. There are chances that it will break during shipping. But we take necessary actions to protect it from getting damaged. Silver, Brass and bronze articles are not fragile. They may bend or lose its shape a little when fallen down or if they are hit hard. But that can be fixed. Wood articles are strong enough to avoid getting damaged. But we make sure that all our idols won’t face any such breakage issue during transit.

Can we exchange the product after we buy them?

Yes, if you want to exchange the product after receiving it you have to intimate us within 10 days. Please mail us with your soft copy of the bill and reason for exchange. Also inform us the new product which you have selected. The difference amount has to be paid if the new product is costlier and if it is the other way, the difference amount will be paid through cheque. Ship back the product to our registered address (Please check Contact Us page) with your own cost. The new product will be shipped to your place once we receive the old product. Also the shipment of new product may vary depending on availability, which will be intimated by mail. If the availability is confirmed product will reach you for sure but don’t worry if the shipment gets delayed that may be because of processing delay.

Can we return back the product after we buy them?

Yes, if you do not like our product then you can return it back. Procedure is to intimate us within 7 days from the day you receive the product. Also please make sure that we receive our product safely with completely no damage and breakage. It is must that we receive our product by 10 days from the day you receive the product. Once we get back our product, it will be checked for its quality and if there is no problem then the full amount will be refunded through cheque. Please note that shipment of our product back, has to be taken care by the purchaser.

Is payment made using our credit card / debit card is safe in Kalakrithi?

Payments made on Kalakrithi.com are 100% safe and will not be disclosed in part or full to any other counterparts. Payment gateway partner associated with Kalakrithi.com is CCAvenue. It is the most trusted and best payment gateway in the market. For more information on our payment gateway partner please visit ccavenue.com.

Can we pay through PayTm or PayPal to buy your products?

Yes, PayTm and PayPal payments are also accepted for purchase made on Kalakrithi.com. Please select PayTM or PayPal accordingly and continue further for placing your order(s).

Cash on delivery (COD) is available?

Yes, but only in India and only for limited products which costs less than INR 10000. The eligibility for COD is displayed on the product page itself and if it is a remote area where our courier partners doesn’t support COD, the customer has to select other modes of payment. You can get to check whether your pincode is eligible for COD or not by submitting it in “Enter your Pincode” box.

What sort of packaging materials you use to deliver our products purchased at Kalakrithi?

Once the order is placed we polish the idol, wait for it to get dry for some 3 to 4 hours, bubble wrap it and put it inside a Kalakrithi logo carton box. Carton box will be completely filled with other packaging materials like paper pieces or plastic sheets to make sure that the idol placed doesn’t move around. Then the box will be sealed using high quality cello tapes. Thus we make sure that the product remains undamaged till it is received by the customer.

Do you provide bills for the purchase made from Kalakrithi?

Yes, detailed bills will be provided for all the purchases made from Kalakrithi. A hard copy of the bill will be attached along with the shipment, either it will be placed inside or pasted outside. A soft copy of the same will be mailed to your registered email also.

What percentage of tax need to be paid for Kalakrithi products?

Almost all the products cost will be included with tax. I.e., you have to pay the final cost displayed and shipping cost, if any. Tax to be paid for any of the Kalakrithi product is 12% which is included in the final cost quoted for the product. This is done mainly to avoid confusions to the customers. Tax for all the purchase made from Kalakrithi is paid behalf of you.

What if I need to exchange the product brought from Kalakrithi with other products available in the website after the grace period of 10 days?

The procedure is bit different in this case. We will buy your product quoting some cost depending on the weight, damages, shining and other few parameters. Amount will not be reimbursed to you but you can select another product and pay the remaining amount. Please note that your new product cost has to be equal or more than the price we quote. The difference amount need to be paid for your next order. For more information on this please drop an email to info@kalakrithi.com.

Which wood do you use for your wooden handicrafts?

We use Shivani wood.T his wood is one of the best wood to carve the handicrafts. This wood is also considered auspicious for making God and Goddess idols. People say that this wood is as good as teak in terms of quality and very good for carving.

Are you having sandalwood and rosewood handicrafts?

Yes, we do have but they are quite expensive. We display it on request. Sandalwood handicrafts are limited with us and will be sold only in India. So sandalwood items cannot be exported. For more information on teak/rose/sandalwood please contact me personally at 7829440880 / 9964034270.

For some of your brass idols, you have decorated with colorful stones. What are they? How long does it last?

They are actually marble pieces. We call it Turquoise work or stonework. These are the small stones pieces available in a square shape in some 3 – 4 different colors. We make use of them to decorate on brass idol to make it more attractive. Just like brass metal, even the stone pieces and pearls are of good quality and it last longer.

Are these marble idols very delicate?

These marble idols are made from Makrana Marble. This marble is sufficiently strong enough. They donot get damage so early. But yes, they are fragile.